Pho Bien Hoa | A good place to stop if you're in the area of Taylorsville, UT 84129


Welcome to Pho Bien Hoa

Pho Bien Hoa is a unique restaurant in Taylorsville, UT 84129. We are famous for the very freshest dishes.

We are a full-service restaurant that features a variety of dishes and traditional Vietnamese cuisine made only with the freshest ingredients. Our menu offers an extensive selection of fresh quality meats, seafood and vegetables for your dining experience. At Pho Bien Hoa, the menu is thoughtfully put together to complement the flavors we offer.

In addition, Hygiene and food safety are the top priority in our restaurant. We only use fresh and healthy food as well as clean items to make customers feel the most comfortable, believe and assign your meal to us.

Come dine with Pho Bien Hoa Taylorsville, and we promise to bring you and your family a memorable experience.